Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week one

This is a blog started by Miles and Josh in our adventures in making apps.  We started off using Construct 2 and a little bit of Game Maker, but decided to go with Construct.  Overall we have been happy with using it and have made a simple game similar to one of the tutorials.  It's basically a guy who walks around and shoots monsters on the screen.  Very basic and simple, but we are proud of our game.  We are adding multiple monsters, boss characters, power ups, a health bar, pause button, music and more!  We weren't expecting any real downloads and honestly the first day was us downloading it to the phones that we have at our work, but it's still a legit download, right?

Here are some screen shots of what we have so far.  We started work on this app 14 days ago and 7 days ago we submitted it into the Play Market.

We will update this with more as it comes.  Also, starting next week we will work on an app that will be lot cooler than this one we have and we haven't seen anything quite like it in the market yet.